Renaissance Salon was founded in 1998 by Tod and Diane Carper with a goal of offering the community a quality experience in a professional environment. Our salon is located in a beautiful historic facility in downtown Dover, Ohio. Upon arrival at the salon you will always be greeted by a friendly client care specialist. You may notice the lack of seating in our reception area, because being prompt is a part of our culture. We truly believe in full service, from our friendly appointment reminder calls, to our complimentary mini services. Salon Today Magazine has recognized Renaissance four times as one of the top 200 fastest growing salons. Our clients have come to expect a level of care that very possibly has been unavailable to them previously. Much of that has to do with Renaissance’s level of education and training that every member of our team undergoes to help insure the “Renaissance Experience”.

Believe you cant afford it?

‘I am treating SCL patients since the plan began in 1997 because I know the transformation that orthodontic treatment can produce for a kid. I’m adjusting not just a child’s teeth and bite, but I’m also providing them with an improved chance at a successful future,’ asserts Dr. Toombs who offers treated more than 50 SCL patients, a record for the organization. SCL is seeking candidates nationwide who meet up with the following criteria: Ages 11-18 with good oral hygieneHave moderately to severely crooked tooth and/or misaligned jawsTaxable family income reaches or below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Suggestions’We hear again and again that children are reluctant to return to school in the fall because they understand their peers will start teasing them once again about their tooth,’ shares Andrea Umbreit, Director of Marketing and Communications for Smiles Switch Lives. Continue reading “Believe you cant afford it?”

Valued at more than $1 billion.

Because there have been few significant improvements to the technique since it was invented, what’s now referred to as the Modified Seldinger Technique still carries serious dangers for clinicians and individuals.. Access Scientific’s PICC WAND receives FDA clearance Access Scientific provides received FDA clearance for The PICC WANDTM, which enables clinicians to place a peelable sheath for Midline or PICC catheter positioning using the brand new Accelerated Seldinger Technique . Continue reading “Valued at more than $1 billion.”

A biopharmaceutical firm focused on discovering.

Data demonstrated that the median PFS achieved by patients with advanced clear cell RCC who had undergone a prior nephrectomy was 14.8 months – comparing favorably to historical data from trials testing other currently approved multikinase inhibitors in RCC. Hypertension was the most commonly reported treatment-related adverse effect, and was seen in 50 percent of treated patients. Off-target toxicities commonly associated with other targeted therapies, such as mucositis, fatigue and hand-foot syndrome, were low in the tivozanib group notably, which AVEO believes underscores a potential tolerable safety profile and potential for combinability with various other therapeutic agents. Continue reading “A biopharmaceutical firm focused on discovering.”

Women in their 30s Even.

Tubal ligation may be the cutting, sealing or tying of the fallopian tubes to avoid sperm from reaching the egg. Sterilization implants are non-surgical but effective. An insert is placed in to the fallopian tubes and scar tissue forms around it to avoid the access of sperm. Like vasectomy, the task takes up to 90 days to work so back-up contraception is required. A quick consultation with you will be helped by a doctor decide what type of contraception method is safe for you. Continue reading “Women in their 30s Even.”

In a study published online today in the international journal Addiction.

However, the collection between paid advertising and brand references is usually difficult to tell apart because advertising businesses have started retroactively to reward artists with product, sponsorship, or endorsement deals after a song containing their product’s name turns into popular. For example, when Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy’s hit Move the Courvoisier was released in 2002, the cognac’s sales jumped 18.9 percent and Courvoisier’s parent company, France’s Allied Domecq, reached a lucrative promotional cope with Busta and P subsequently. Diddy’s management company, Violator. Alcoholic beverages trade associations like the Distilled Spirits Council of america are suffering from self-regulation codes that specify inappropriate marketing practices, such as a guideline forbidding marketing to audiences below legal consuming age. Continue reading “In a study published online today in the international journal Addiction.”

You probably know the need for a good coach in sports video game.

Only an excellent person knows how to instill the value of positive thinking into your mindset. A specialist trainer can promise you to accomplish it well both in your professional and private. 4. If you feel, you need someone who will listen to your complications, obstacles, then seeing an instructor that could be a great option for you. The trainers are specially trained individuals to be very great listeners. The ability is experienced by them to shut down their own world and completely immerse themselves into yours. 5. Life coaching is all about helping to those people who are fighting some obstacles. However, a trainer will assist you to set your goals in life and procedure a plan on how to accomplish them. Continue reading “You probably know the need for a good coach in sports video game.”

The results of the analysis.

The results demonstrated that the prevalence of intermediate-stage AMD in individuals with AIDS was almost ten % and, when adjusted for any age differences, was around four-fold greater than that in the Beaver Dam Study. Related StoriesNYSCF conference to spotlight translational stem cell and neuroscience researchRXi Pharmaceuticals starts Phase 1/2 medical trial in ophthalmologyGood information for patients suffering from dry age-related macular degenerationThe experts also identified that the increased prevalence of AMD in the LSOCA cohort had not been related to any drug or class of drugs used to take care of HIV infection. Continue reading “The results of the analysis.”

ACS HPRI maps doctor supply across U.

ACS HPRI is an organization which studies and reports on problems related to the condition of the surgical occupation, surgical workforce and medical utilization in the usa. Related StoriesSignostics gets FDA 510k clearance for handheld bladder scannerPreventing falls in care homes: an interview with Professor Pip LoganInnovative single-make use of torque instruments utilize difficult polycarbonate from Bayer As the population and access to medical care insurance continue to grow, as life expectancy increases, and as the amount of new surgeons coming into practice lags far behind the amount of surgeons nearing retirement, increasingly more patients shall not need timely usage of quality surgical care, stated George F. Continue reading “ACS HPRI maps doctor supply across U.”

AVEO Oncology.

We anticipate second quarter non-GAAP 2014 earnings to be slightly less than the first quarter 2014. In accordance with applicable Irish and European regulations and rules, january 31 our standalone forecast supplied at our investor day on, 2014 should be considered withdrawn. Today in 8:30 a Webcast and Conference Call Information Actavis plc will sponsor a conference contact and webcast.m. Eastern Time to go over first quarter 2014 outcomes and recent corporate developments. The dial-in number to access the call is US/Canada 251-7980, International 643-1573. The Conference ID is 17008187. To gain access to the live webcast, go to Actavis' Investor Relations Site at A replay of the meeting call will also be obtainable beginning approximately two hours after the contact's conclusion and will remain available through 12:00 midnight Eastern Period on, may 14, 2014. Continue reading “AVEO Oncology.”

Theyve just released a free.

This report may be the latest in a series of educational documentaries and downloadable manuals produced by NaturalNews and Mike Adams, a customer health advocate and industry whistleblower. His hugely popular Meals Investigations video documentary on fake blueberries in breakfast cereals provides received over two million views: Adams is the executive director of the nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center ( and the editor of, one of the top 1,000 highest-trafficked websites in America and read by nearly four million people each month now. Continue reading “Theyve just released a free.”

65-year-old California milk man subjected to extreme torture.

As Paul is active running for President extremely, however, he’s unlikely to be able to comment on this particular issue. Tips have been forwarded to Matt Drudge for his factor of the issue. is still the breaking news source on this whole story with a voice of liberty and food freedom. Check for additional information this weekend and all in a few days. Action items:• Reveal this tale on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Continue reading “65-year-old California milk man subjected to extreme torture.”

A stem cell bandage for your knee Building on his earlier work.

A stem cell bandage for your knee Building on his earlier work, Hollander and his team, including Dr Wael Kafienah and Dr John Tarlton, announced in 2005 that they had, for the very first time ever, effectively grown individual cartilage from a patient’s have bone marrow stem cells. It took just over a month to grow the cells into a half-inch length of cartilage and testing demonstrated that the laboratory-grown cartilage was of a higher quality than any earlier attempts at tissue engineering. Now the task was how exactly to implant the designed cartilage into the knee and obtain it to integrate with the encompassing tissue. Continue reading “A stem cell bandage for your knee Building on his earlier work.”

People want to have a healthy and a suit body.

They are of great advantage for the beginners as well as for the professional sportsmen and sports person. To begin with the workout plan you can focus on easy exercise which may be carried out without a trainer. However, one need to carry out exercise taking all precautions as because of incorrect movement may result to injury or pain. They are handy, lightweight and takes much less space, therefore, can be taken everywhere. Continue reading “People want to have a healthy and a suit body.”

The learning student.

That way, they won’t think they’ve discovered a fresh microbe species if they haven’t or overlooked one they should have found , she said. The technique, or algorithm, that Acacia uses took 18 months for Ms Bragg to totally develop and test.. An easier way to ‘spell check’ gene sequences A PhD pupil from CSIRO and the University of Queensland has found an easier way to ‘spell check’ gene sequences. The learning student, Lauren Bragg, offers contributed to the May issue of the prestigious journal Character Methods highlighting her fresh approach and its software implementation called Acacia. Continue reading “The learning student.”

Published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

This research forms portion of the DRUID European project, involving 37 international analysis centres working in different lines. As well as the DGT and University of Santiago, the research work in Spain includes the University of Valladolid also, whose specialists classify the drugs according to their effect on the ability to drive. This information could possibly be of great help doctors and pharmacists when it comes to providing prescriptions to drivers.. Continue reading “Published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.”

3-drug pill can help fight HIV/AIDS The Food and Medication Administration in the U.

The FDA hopes the new pill shall make it easier for patients to stick to their treatments. The drug, made by Indian organization Aurobindo Pharma offers received tentative Food and Drug Administration authorization for use in a worldwide relief plan and will provide HIV/AIDS drugs in 15 countries. Related StoriesStudy evaluates performance of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected childrenPitt Public Health launches study to promote health among aging gay and bisexual men with HIVDespite decreased HIV/AIDS deaths, disease still persists in South AfricaThe FDA believes the medication will be of particular use in poor countries where sufferers find it difficult to afford and manage taking multiple drug cocktails every day to keep the HIV virus in balance. Continue reading “3-drug pill can help fight HIV/AIDS The Food and Medication Administration in the U.”

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