A baby boy was among triplets recently delivered by Dr.

Dr. Jay instantly requested a consult a pediatric cardiologist to diagnose the severe nature. The closest pediatric cardiologist was at Children’s Hospital & INFIRMARY, 115 miles from the Norfolk medical service. The doctors agreed to create a telemedicine consult employing a remote echocardiogram system connected to a cellular and wireless transmitting video conferencing device, instead of immediately transporting the infant to Omaha. Vrbicky. Without the telemedicine consult, there is a genuine possibility that the baby would have had to be transported either via helicopter or ambulance to Omaha at an extremely high cost. To perform the remote diagnosis, a Phillips 5500 ultrasound machine at Faith Regional Wellness Services was connected to a Librestream Onsight 2000R video device through an S-video connection.Related StoriesMedtronic unveils next-generation edition of superDimension lung navigation program softwareCertain antibiotic treatment for MRSA may potentially make individuals sickerMycobacterium could be more effective in dealing with superficial bladder cancer, study findsThe TREK family members is a completely re-engineered line of balloon catheters, incorporating many advanced style and technology changes. During the advancement stage, we brought together a talented group of engineers and challenged them to rethink every design aspect with the best goal of fabricating a balloon dilatation catheter that would offer excellent deliverability and performance. The total result is TREK, which incorporates 10 brand-new design adjustments for improved functionality and represents a true leap forward in balloon dilatation catheter design, stated Robert Hance, senior vice president, vascular, Abbott.