A chiropractors point of view on pillows and sleeping position Back sleeper?

If you sleep in the same position always, you may want to try the others to observe if it creates a transformation in your comfort level and quality of sleep. Back again sleepersAs the most common position when falling asleep, it is the most common position for snoring also. If you aren’t a snorer or sleep alone, you’ll want to put a firm pillow under your knees and a medium company pillow under your head. The pillow under the knees will take pressure off of your low back again allowing your spine to assume its natural curves without stress. The pillow under your head should not be propping you up, but providing some support to the organic curve of your neck.‘We are excited to be partnering with ARUP to increase the option of our prostate tumor test to doctors and their patients. The breadth and quality of their services, and their selection of customers over the healthcare spectrum, make them a superb partner. Our test helps to meet the need for improved risk individual and stratification outcomes, and we believe that this alliance shall make these benefits open to a greater number of patients,’ said Kari Stefansson, Executive Chairman and President of Research at deCODE.