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Earlier trials may have yielded inconsistent results due to small samples, short duration, poor adherence, or lack of individual randomization.14-19 Our sample size was sufficient to allow exact outcomes, and the 18-month study duration ensured that the noticed effect was not transient. The large sample and stratified randomization produced well-balanced study organizations at baseline. We believe that the mean adjustments in other factors that affect excess weight were also equivalent between the groups. Hence, the observed differences in body fat and BMI z rating can be ascribed primarily to the assigned beverage. Our study had specific limitations. A complete of 26 percent of the participants did not complete the study. However, so long as they were taking part in the study, their changes in fat and body fat paralleled those in kids who ultimately completed the study.Psychological and physical stressors While stress seems to be unavoidable , it is in your best interest to find ways to manage your tension and not let it use you down. Actually, research implies that successful fertilization of female eggs reduces when the woman is dealing with too much stress no way to manage it. Cigarette smoking, coffee and alcohol Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemical substances and is associated with numerous health conditions. Smoking cigarettes negatively impacts the DNA of sperm in men and may lower ovarian function, hormone amounts, and menstruation in women.