According to the CDC.

The most commonly given reasons include the following: Fear of a positive resultLack of transportationRelocating to a fresh cityBelief that they are at low risk for HIV and then the result will be negativeFear that their HIV position will be disclosed to somebody elseSignificant great things about the rapid HIV check for oral fluid include the pursuing: Providing quick results eliminates the necessity for people to come back to obtain results, although positive results should be confirmed by yet another test.An oral check is less dangerous to the tester. With an oral test there is no risk to a health care worker of accidentally being pricked by a needle or exposure to blood. HIV can’t be transmitted by oral fluid.People who do not want needlesticks or are otherwise afraid of a blood test should be tested.Within the adipose tissue is a particular cell population known as the stromal vascular fraction , which includes other undefined stem cells as well as immune, endothelial , progenitor , and stromal cells. Cells in the SVF talk about identical properties to those in the bone marrow. Both include a people of cells which have the ability to differentiate into several cell types. Furthermore, both adipose bone and cells marrow offer similar environments for optimal stem cell development and reproduction, including a smaller amount of circulating oxygen and specialized vascular systems in comparison with additional organs.