Addiction to nicotine not only ruins the life of the addict but also that of the people around him.

3M Medication Delivery Systems is usually playing an active role in the development of the pharmaceutical market in Asia, with its recent structure of a fresh laboratory facility at the 3M Singapore site in Yishun. The laboratory is 3M Drug Delivery Systems’ first agreement research and development service in the Asia Pacific region focused on pharmaceutical product advancement. The country’s infrastructure helps it be a perfect hub for 3M’s Asia Pacific clients and Singapore’s scientific talent pool increases the site’s appeal. The Singapore lab will develop products in both inhalation and transdermal medication delivery categories, bringing 3M’s innovative inhalers and patches to pharmaceutical customers and patients in the Asia Pacific area.Henry Miller, a previous FDA official and a fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution in California, queries the logic of granting final say on protection to officials with much less clinical expertise than FDA scientists. However unlike a plane crash, which presents no possible advantage to airplane travellers, the risks of problematic drugs must be weighed against the huge benefits they afford to ill individuals, notes John Cohrssen, a lawyer who done FDA reform during the 1990s as bulk counsel of the US House Commerce Committee.