After 2004 tsunami.

It is a story of recovery and renewal. Gle Jong has been rebuilt by a combination of returnees and fresh residents. Hajamuddin and his fresh wife have a constructed home recently, set back from the coastline, and count themselves among the 130 occupants of the village. Wetlands International and the Green Coast Project had been among the international aid organizations that participated in the tremendous international rehabilitation system for victims of the tsunami. Both of these agencies specialize in restoring coastal ecosystems. GCP started 16 coastal rehabilitation projects in Aceh in July 2005, including Gle Jong Village, by providing financial and technical assistance.Kirby, PharmD, BCPS, CDE,may be the Clinical Providers Coordinator for the Kroger Company. In this position, his main responsibilities include: establishing and applying a com­prehensive medical pharmacy strategy; overseeing Kroger’s vaccination, medication therapy manage­ment, wellness screening, and disease administration/ education programs; training and developing phar­macy staff in core clinical articles areas and emerging therapies; driving innovation in individual treatment through the creation and/or support of pilot applications that improve the medication use process and integrate pharmacists into group based care environments; calculating and developing interventions that may improve medical quality metrics in pharmacy practice; and leads and helps Kroger advocacy attempts for the diversification and advancement of the career of pharmacy.