After the WashPost jumps in bed with Monsanto.

By asking college students vague queries about their different sexual escapades, the Post could conjure up a wildly overblown rate of campus rape cases to be able to push its agenda. In this full case, it appears as though the Post was looking for a few controversial stories to sell just, headlining the lie that 20 percent of college ladies today end up receiving raped at some time throughout their higher educational knowledge. And in the process, the Post has further perpetuated a systemic bias against those accused of such rape, who are often denied due procedure and assumed to be guilty until verified innocent, than the other way around rather.In 2013 alone, the full total cost of these procedures in the United States was $1.6 billion. By 2030, that price is expected to total $3.5 billion, he estimated. The analysis involved data on 566 women and men who were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Olmsted County, Minn., between 1935 and 2012. The investigators analyzed the amount of newly diagnosed instances of thyroid cancer, and also deaths resulting from the condition. The study authors looked at how these patients were diagnosed also.