Alarm raised over preoperative hyponatremia By Eleanor McDermid.

‘Increased risk in patients scheduled for elective medical procedures with mild and almost certainly asymptomatic hyponatremia presents a significant chance of the internist carrying out preoperative medical consultation,’ say DuPree and Vassalotti. They add that the high prevalence of gentle, and presumably asymptomatic, hyponatremia highlights the importance of identifying the underlying etiology. Hyponatremia also elevated the chance for perioperative complications. Patients with the condition had a 21 percent increased risk for major coronary events, a 24 percent improved risk for wound infections, and a 17 percent rise in the chance for developing pneumonia.Lanza broke many gun laws and regulations – and the killings still happened In Connecticut, the killer – Adam Lanza, 20 – broke at many state laws and regulations in committing his heinous crime, though not all of them were gun-related. Initial, Connecticut state regulation requires residents to be 21 years old to be able to have a very handgun; Lanza was 20. Second, you have to have a permit to be able to bring a handgun on your person in the condition; Lanza did not have a permit. Third, it is unlawful in Connecticut undertake a firearm on open public or private elementary or secondary school property, a statute Lanza clearly ignored, WorldNetDaily reported.