Almac collaborates with Alexion for product packaging and distribution of Soliris during German E.

‘This was a very gratifying collaboration for Almac to be engaged in, as we could actually make an immediate impact to an extremely publicized public wellness crisis. This is satisfying to everyone who worked on this project. When the original urgent necessity was met, Almac was then in a position to scale up the product packaging and distribution of the scientific trial product. The product was successfully delivered to patients in the time requested due to the careful planning and constant communication of all parties involved. ‘Almac was very pleased to be able to deliver the medication to Germany within the timeframe,’ said Robert Dunlop, President of Almac Clinical Solutions. ‘Given the type of our sector, there are occasions whenever we all need to pull together to handle a critical patient need.’..Our research implies that early analysis could have reduced the number of infected guys dying within 1 year of diagnosis by 84 percent, and all HIV-related mortality by 22 percent, said writer Tim Chadborn, Senior Scientist in the surveillance team at the HIV/STI Division of the HPA Centre for Infections. Case reports for a lot more than 14,000 newly diagnosed HIV-infected guys in England and Wales were analysed, within the period from Jan 1993 to Dec 2002. Almost one third were approximated to have been diagnosed late over the period.