Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Sidestep yard work: Hay fever victims should prevent mowing the yard and raking leaves, two actions that mix up pollen. If you must mow or rake, or are doing other outside activities, such as gardening, wear a National Institute for Occupational Basic safety and Health -approved N95 respirator mask. Get some shade: Use design to your allergy advantage. Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses that fit close to your face to keep pollen from irritating your eyes. Steer clear of irritants: Reduce your contact with atmosphere pollutants, such as cigarette smoke, insecticides, fertilizers, gasoline fumes, fresh tar and paint, that may worsen your symptoms., , a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving wellness through the development, produce and commercialization of a broad selection of prescription and over the counter products, today announced the industrial release of Boke brand Yi Shen Jian Gu Gel after effective test marketing in the second one fourth of 2010. Boke YSJG Gel is aimed at alleviating osteoporosis. A written report issued by China’s Ministry of Health shows that between 35 and 40 million people in China, or about 3 percent of the population, have osteoporosis, and the amount of patients is expected to increase to 150 million by the entire year 2025.