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Men who consumed the most milk every day had a higher energy intake, suggesting that they were more active. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings were comparable in high and low milk consumers , and men who drank minimal milk tended to beverage the most alcohol. Guys who drank the most milk experienced a lower risk of ischaemic cardiovascular disease or stroke than those who drank the least, and regarding stroke this risk was significantly lower. The findings held true even for those men who had started out drinking full excess fat milk. The authors suggest that milk has already established something of a bad press in respect of its impact on cholesterol, and they conclude: ‘Today’s perception of milk as harmful, in increasing cardiovascular risk, should be challenged, and every effort should be made to bring back it to its rightful place in a healthy diet plan.’ Get in touch with: Dr Andy Ness, Department of Community Based Medicine, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK Tel: +44 117 331 6731 Email: Click here to view the paper in full..EMS Supplies In case, you own a health care center or are preparing to open one you then must invest on emergency medical supplies. It is simple to contact a crisis medical supplies company for your necessity and will get it directly sent to your doorstep. There are many business organizations offering these items and you could also order your requirement online. Nevertheless, before buying medical supplies online, you should 1st research about the best ones available in market. Apart from this, it’s advocated to choose branded ones always, of ordering medical supplies offered by small scale producers instead. The branded medical materials have some guarantee and so are of good quality.