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The next biannual fetal therapy reunion will need place on Saturday, May 15 from 11a.m. To 2:30p.m. On the grounds of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, located at 1300 North Vermont Avenue in LA. The reunion will feature activities for the kids, music, food and family fun.. 2nd biannual fetal therapy reunion at Hollywood Presbyterian INFIRMARY Over 200 infants and toddlers will converge at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center on Saturday, May 15 at a particular event celebrating their lives and reuniting them and their parents with other people who share similar experiences. The normal thread these children talk about is that they–as fetuses–received minimally invasive fetal medical operation to take care of adverse conditions that could otherwise have resulted in their death or irreversible organ damage.If the national federal government believes there to be a threat brewing in the home, let whatever agency is in charge of addressing it feel the constitutional process of identifying probable cause and finding a warrant to carry out the appropriate level of surveillance. It’s not rocket science, nor do our founders indicate for it to be. However they spelled out what specifications had to be met prior to the all-powerful central government was allowed to turn its massive resources on its own citizens. And these standards are being overlooked on a routine basis by Obama, all with the implicit support of our elected leaders in Congress. The procedure is important, folks. The procedure matters. If we disregard the process – if it no more matters – after that we no longer have an operating system of government.