ATSC to provide software development solutions for NCI ATS Company.

ATSC to provide software development solutions for NCI ATS Company , a leading information technology organization that delivers innovative technology answers to government and commercial businesses, today announced that it has been awarded a new contract totaling $13.3 million over a five-year term with the National Malignancy Institute . ‘ATSC has offered software development services for nearly a decade in support of National Cancer Institute’s administrative systems and grants process which funds significant tumor research initiatives,’ said ATSC Chairman and CEO Dr. Edward H. Bersoff.’.Because bleeding in the brain can be life threatening, doctors regularly make use of followup CT scans to monitor the condition of patients in which this problem has been detected, when the injury that caused the problem was fairly minor actually. However each CT scan exposes the individual to cancer-causing radiation potentially, and in addition comes at a higher financial cost. ‘Although CT scanners have become useful tools, in an era of diminishing resources and a need to justify medical costs, this practice needs to be evaluated,’ the experts wrote.