But 8-month-older Santiago Mendoza is outdated enough to diet.

At 44 pounds, Santiago weighs about the same as an average 5 or 6-year-old. Doctors have place him on a rigorous diet to help get him right down to a healthier weight. He’s being removed baby formula and only vegetables and juices instead. Based on the Chubby Hearts foundation, there’s no medical reason behind the child’s astounding excess weight gain – he’s just been overfed with constant bottles of formula. He’s a compulsive eater, said Dr. Salvador Palacio, the foundation’s director. Santiago’s weight helps it be difficult for him to crawl and roll over, hindering his development.When I speak to clients about losing weight, I tell them that they will lose pounds without dieting. How’s that feasible? Doesn’t weight loss and crazy fad diets go together? For short-term weight reduction it does Maybe. But weight loss that is sustainable and long-term is done with subtle changes to lifestyle. Here are 3 strategies for slimming down without dieting: 1. Eat Slowly: This plan is so basic that you may discover it hard to trust. You can lose all the weight you want if you did that one thing every full day time. Here is the way it functions – It requires about 20 moments for your gut to communicate with your brain that you are full.