But more EBRT patients had Gleason score of 2-6 or 8-10.

But more EBRT patients had Gleason score of 2-6 or 8-10. They make several generalizations from their data. For cancer related HRQoL, at 12 months, had more back from the RP group with baseline bowel and bladder function and had less bowel bother. EBRT patients showed better urinary and sexual function.

The significant observations include – : RP patients were more likely choice, Caucasian, college-educated, full-time work , married and be an annual income over $ 40,000. They were younger than the EBRT group . The two groups did not differ significantly in Charlson scores PSA at diagnosis, PSA after treatment and TNM stage.. The RP group also showed significant improvement after 12 months of bowel function and anger, and disturb less urine, but they showed a lower total urinary and sexual function and sexual bother more. Older age, Gleason score higher and higher TNM stage were associated with selection EBRT as treatment. And finally , they found no difference in satisfaction of care between the groups.

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