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In a report of opioid use and abuse, the experts said they discovered that access to health care increases the availability of prescription opioids, which, in turn, is connected with higher rates of opioid abuse and associated effects. The analysis concludes the structure of local health care systems at the county level is usually a major determinant of community-level usage of opioids. Our study obviously underscores that the broader problem of prescription opioid misuse in Indiana is, in part, an 'iatrogenic epidemic,' or an unfortunate and unintended byproduct of the evolution of our health care system, medical research and the development of the pharmaceutical sector, said Eric Wright, who led the study. Wright is a chair and professor of the Department of Health Policy and Administration in the Richard M.Complete details on the isolation and sequencing of nucleic acid and descriptions of additional laboratory techniques are given in the Supplementary Appendix, available with the entire text of this article at Results Genetic Evaluation of Resistant Tumors To identify the mechanisms of resistance to crizotinib, we obtained a biopsy specimen of a lesion in the proper lung that was enlarging as the individual was receiving crizotinib and compared this specimen with one obtained before treatment with crizotinib began.