DHH officials delivery tested 30.

DHH officials delivery tested 30,000 sampling kits to sentinel physicians and samples for infection, as needed. The department also works with the Louisiana Hospital Association hospital patient volume and pursue collaboration with the Louisiana Pharmacists Association to monitor antiviral supplies.

All rights reserved.. Louisiana Governor Statewide Briefing On Swine Flu Outbreak, details action state and calls on citizens to take preventive measuresToday was Governor Bobby Jindal held a press conference to discuss the state aggressive measures against swine flu outbreak occur and stress the importance of civil the steps The swine flu the disease. The swine flu outbreak has 20 people in the U.S. And hundreds more ill in Mexico, and it is followed closely state and federal state and federal authorities. – Governor Bobby Jindal said, ‘We are gathered here from this virus from this virus GOHSEP its its Crisis Action Team to monitor the national trends on this and all cases reported in Louisiana Friday, DHH officials notified hospitals and.– manual laundering in young children should be followed, especially to deal with animals or ambient, for example at a visit to a farm.

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