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For for parents, teens and health care providers that childhood that childhood immunization against pertussis wears off five to 10 years after the last routine vaccination shot . According to the survey, in older children of the parents of young people do not know the duration of pertussis protection. Today, many young people and unprotected against and unprotected against this serious disease.. According to the results of a new national survey of parents of teenagers from the Society for Adolescent Medicine , less than a fifth of the parents surveyed reported being concerned with the prospect of their child contracting pertussis conducted and more than 25 % deliberately the disease offamiliar could not name a symptom.

Since young people often do not exhibit the classic ‘whoop’with the disease with the disease, symptoms of mild fever, severe cough and runny nose are often mistaken for flu or the common cold. However, anyone experiencing these severe coughing fits for seven or more days should seek diagnosis by a physician. ‘.. Source:Patby a physician. National comeback, USAThese survey results and the recent increase in pertussis outbreaks prompted SAM an education campaign for youth and their parents, to begin called ‘More Than Just a cough. ‘The campaign also encourages parents of teens to schedule routine visits. Completed after the primary vaccination at the age of six, pertussis immunization rarely at healthcare industries visits discussed seen few parents, that the protection of pertussis immunization wears off after five to 10 years, so that young people susceptible to whooping cough, ‘said Dr.Doctor Paulh prostate cancer who greater Treatment Regret 52 per cent of when and Heart Disease.

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