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In 2007 and early 2008, Brazil reported an intense and extensive outbreak of Jungle Yellow Fever in an area covers 6 countries ed drugs . The State Health Department have confirmed the disease based on laboratory and clinical epidemiological criteria. On 17he past two months, 26 confirmed human cases in three provinces have been reported, 13 of the patients died. The affected areas have high vaccination coverage. Nevertheless, as part of ongoing control measures have health authorities vaccination for people who stepped in , or traveling to the affected areas.

On 17 Currently reported to national health authorities in Argentina to find dead monkeys in Pi alito Park, San Pedro department, Misiones province? February 2008 yellow fever in one of the in one of the primates using molecular techniques. While there are high vaccination rates in the region, the national health authorities have vaccinated for people who stepped in , or traveling to the affected area without prior vaccination history.

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