Including high blood pressure related to impairments or changes in a persons vascular.

Several studies have OSA as an independent risk factor for the development of several medical conditions, including high blood pressure related to impairments or changes in a person’s vascular . With their own complex and sensitive vascular system, the eyes can occur due to signal and sometimes systemic vascular problems. Given the vascular consequences of OSA, it is not surprising that ophthalmologic manifestations exist, says the article ‘s lead author, Andrew Waller, a Mayo Clinic pulmonologist and sleep specialist.

– ‘Our understanding of the disorders link these disorders is minimal,’says Dr. ‘However, the recognition of these associations for family physicians, ophthalmologists and sleep physicians importance for patients with OSA, a routine eye exam for early signs of glaucoma. To evaluate, especially in the setting of visual loss or change, should be recommended to patients eye problems eye diseases known to sleep in communication, be examined clinically for sleep apnea and referred to a sleep lab if signs or symptoms are present ‘. – the authors of the Mayo Clinic are Rick Bendel, ophthalmologist and Joseph Kaplan, pulmonologist and sleep specialist.. About Shroff Eye:. Shroff EYE Hospital, founded in 1919, is the first eye hospital in India to achieve the JCI joint Commission International accreditation.The research team led by Leonard I. A Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Children’s Hospital in Boston and of Harvard Medical School introduced, publishing their findings on into the 18 th August 2005 to the journal Nature. Zon and his colleagues have in Boston was working on the studies with researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center and University of Utah School of Medicine.

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