Kaiser Health News Highlights of the weekend health policy headlines.

Finally, Kaiser Health News Highlights of the weekend health policy headlines, including the latest on the Democrats Senate health bill, a CMS analysis of the House – passed reform measures and the ongoing fracas abortion provisions.

Democratic aides said last week that they do not believe that voting each member of the 60-member Democratic conference to prevent the full Senate bring the measure to the floor. Want Reid to spend every three weeks before Christmas amending and Health Care Bill Health Care Bill (Pierce.. Roll Call reported, however, that Reid confident begin debate on the bill before Thanksgiving. To the floor. Wanted to get the ball rolling on the overhaul early this week armed with a Congressional Budget Office analysis, but because CBO score does not come on Friday, as he had hoped, Democratic aides Majority Leader Majority Leader is ready to push back his Timeline.Des U.S. President makes emergency program of AIDS reliefs time now CD4 testing a part of their programs, Bendavid told.

As with of the viral load test , the researchers find that it extended the life of patients by about two months, an important advantage. Although the use of the viral load test did not reduce charges, is has or found are cost-effective in several countries, based on criteria World Health Organization the World Health Organization.