Pre-diabetes is usually a indication that type 2 diabetes is developing.

There are many symptoms of type 2 diabetes that include: – Feeling thirsty – Urinating more than usual – Feeling hungrier than normal – Losing weight without dieting or working out – Feeling tired and cranky Treatment for type 2 diabetes includes consuming healthier foods and obtaining regular exercise. Some people may require medications. Most people who develop type 2 diabetes are obese and don’t exercise. By simply changing your daily diet and exercising regularly you might be able to reduce your chances of developing diabetes and stop pre-diabetes from turning into full-blow type 2 diabetes. One of the major functions in preventing diabetes is knowledge. The actual fact that 50 percent of individuals with prediabetes are unaware that the condition exists makes it difficult to prevent this silent killer from altering our lives and letting us live diabetes free of charge.Health investigators said they will spend the next couple of days talking to school nurses and looking for possible additional situations in hospitals. The institution closings affected students in three communities south of Providence: 11,500 in Warwick; 6,000 in Coventry; and 4,000 in West Warwick. The three communities experienced an unusually high incidence of pneumonia, Gifford said. At a day news meeting, Gov. Don Carcieri urged citizens to practice great hygiene, such as hand-washing, to help stop the spread of any illness and said he’d require hands sanitizing gels in universities. ‘If a young child is sick, don’t send out them to school,’ Carcieri said. ‘I think a lot of parents allow their guards down,’ mother or father Jody Shaw told CBS affiliate WPRI-TV.