But where will HIT take us? How can the health care system, including pharmacists, maximize the advantage of the new technologies and tools that are available? In this session, Dr. Kraft referred to a vision for a future in which HIT tools are used effectively to boost health and well-being by pharmacists and medical care system all together. APhA 2015-2016 President, L.B. Dark brown, PharmD, PhD, FAPhA, shipped his presidential address, Expanding Opportunities thru Patient Care, at the next General Program, stating, ‘Pharmacists Provide Care, let me tell you about it’ will end up being my focus over the next year, and I request you to join me in spreading the term.The survey collects information on race/ethnicity, socioeconomic characteristics and health status. Experts advise that adults get 7-8 hours of sleep each full night for good health insurance and optimum performance. Those who suspect that they might be suffering from a sleep disorder should discuss their problem with their primary treatment physician or a rest specialist.. Accelitech announces new CyberKnife Cancer tumor Institute of Chicago Accelitech LLC, a leading developer of stereotactic tumor and radiosurgery treatment applications, is very happy to announce its newest CyberKnife cancers center, that will begin treating patients in Chicago in the summer of 2012.