Regenstrief Institute investigator Malaz Boustani.

‘Malaz Boustani is a strong, visible and vocal advocate for older adults and aging research,’ said Regenstrief Institute investigator Christopher M. Callahan, M.D., Cornelius and Yvonne Pettinga Professor at the IU School of Medication and director of the IU Middle for Aging Study. ‘His studies have included individual surveys, development of new clinical assessment tools, testing of new treatment techniques and testing of new models of care. He provides led the conception, design, staffing and funding of the Healthy Aging Brain Center, now in its third year of operation.Aetna Specialty Pharmacy Customer Service: 1-866-782-ASRX Aetna Rx Home Delivery Customer Service: 1-888-RX AETNA Aetna Employee Assistance Program: 1-888-AETNA-EAP Aetna Student Assistance Plan: 1-877-351-7889 Aetna Dental: 1-877-238-6200 Health care providers should contact the Provider Assistance Centers: – Indemnity and PPO-based benefit plans: 1-888-MD-AETNA – HMO advantage plans: 1-800-624-0756 Affected Aetna people may refill their prescriptions early, as required, or refill a prescription that might have been lost, destroyed or damaged. Those who make use of Aetna's mail-order pharmacy can receive a prescription at an alternate delivery location. Affected Aetna members also can seek routine or emergency care anywhere, as needed, with out a referral or pre-authorization.