Says a UT Southwestern researcher.

Under the age of just one 1. In the December problem of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine In a report available online and, experts, including Dr. George Lister, chairman of pediatrics at UT Southwestern and an author of the scholarly study, identify three reasons a caregiver might or may not follow the suggestion: concerns for an infant’s comfort; dread that the infant may choke during sleep on his or her back; and whether a physician advised the caregiver to put an infant on his / her back to sleep always. ‘We realize that putting infants on the backs to rest is by far the single most effective way to reduce the chance of SIDS, however the true number of deaths has leveled off recently,’ Dr. Lister stated. ‘We wanted to know why to be able to develop practical advice that caregivers will observe.Generally are vaccinated starting at one year of age, in fact it is recommended earlier if they’re being taken abroad. People who are considered immune include those born in the usa before 1957, who previously had measles or who’ve acquired two measles vaccine pictures. Last week, Boston public wellness officials sought to contain a possible measles outbreak after a worker of the French consulate came down with the infectious disease previously this month.. APHA Laws Section honors Lawrence Gostin for Life time Achievement in Public Health Law Lawrence Gostin, JD, LLD , Faculty Director of the O'Neill Institute for Global and National Health Laws at Georgetown Law, was honored today for his Lifetime Achievement in public areas Health Law by the American Public Wellness Association Laws Section.