Spicing Up MEALS Might Extend YOUR DAILY LIFE: – TUESDAY, Aug cialis generico . 4, 2015 – – Some enjoy it hot, and a fresh study finds that men and women who favor spicy foods may also have a lower risk of premature death. The scholarly study was based on a big multi-year food analysis. It found that adults who reported eating spicy foods – – such as fresh new and dried chili pepper – – less than three days per week were less inclined to die during the study period than those that consumed such foods significantly less than once a week. The finding is simple, said study lead author Dr. Lu Qi, a co-employee professor of medicine at Harvard Medical College in Boston.

5 in the journal Menopause. Smoking worsens the consequences of estrogen deficiency in women who go through menopause at a younger age, the researchers explained. The united group, led by Andrea Bellavia from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, also found that women with afterwards menopause were much more likely to end up being nonsmokers and to use hormone therapy. While study wasn’t designed to prove cause and impact, it ‘provides credible proof that women can proactively work to delay menopause through various life-style choices such as stopping cigarette smoking,’ Dr. Wulf Utian, medical director of the UNITED STATES Menopause Society, stated in a journal information release.