The FDA and medical journals who publish bogus study reports for years.

Academia hoaxed by fake scientific papers auto-generated by gobbledygook text generators Natural News has exposed dirty dealings with Big Pharma, the FDA and medical journals who publish bogus study reports for years noopept and modafinil . Bogus study reports included ghost-written papers signed by credentialed doctors and payed for by the medication companies. They included papers based just on data from trials considered favorable also, while data from trials with adverse reactions were withheld. The first woman editor-in-chief for the brand new England Journal of Medication, Marcia Angell, MD, resigned from her position at the prestigious journal upon realizing that she couldn’t trust journal submissions anymore due to various corrupt, profit-motivated influences within Big Pharma and conflicts of curiosity between Big Pharma and the FDA.

Furthermore, since these adult stem cells are gathered for the patient’s personal make use of, they overcome two major limitations in the advancement of stem cell treatments today – the ethical factors regarding use of embryonic stem cells and the immunological and infectious disease complications connected with using cells from a third-party donor. NeoStem Recently, Inc. Was awarded under NIAMD of the National Institutes of Health , a grant to study the restoration of bone defects by human stem cells. This award will fund studies to investigate the potential of really small embryonic-like stem cells to create bone in an pet model and regenerate bone. SOURCE NeoStem, Inc..