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Although such aggression can possess serious outcomes for both victims and aggressors, the presssing issue has received little interest from researchers, and few proven solutions exist to avoid resident altercations, says Karl Pillemer, director of the Cornell Institute for Translational Study on Aging at the College of Human Ecology. He has co-authored two content articles – – in Aggression and Violent Behavior and in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society – – on ‘resident-to-resident mistreatment’ this springtime with Weill Cornell Medical University professor of medicine Mark S.She was hardly ever tested for TB. The mother, who had been sick before and after the birth, was eventually admitted to a Las Vegas hospital, and later transferred to a Southern California hospital ‘for a higher degree of care,’ relating to an Aug. 22 survey from medical district. The mother passed away in California and her name was unavailable. An autopsy showed she had tuberculosis meningitis. The next baby, Abigail White, was tested for TB and treated, but she succumbed to the condition at Summerlin Medical center on Aug.