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This report may be the latest in a series of educational documentaries and downloadable manuals produced by NaturalNews and Mike Adams, a customer health advocate and industry whistleblower. His hugely popular Meals Investigations video documentary on fake blueberries in breakfast cereals provides received over two million views: Adams is the executive director of the nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center ( and the editor of, one of the top 1,000 highest-trafficked websites in America and read by nearly four million people each month now.According to a study conducted by the American Medical Association, children between the ages of two and 12 are inaccurately dosed up to 70 per cent of the time because the amount of medicine they are given is founded on age, rather than weight. Underdosing is also a major issue because it prevents kids from receiving the right therapeutic advantages from OTC medicines. Inconsistent measuring gadgets such as teaspoons and dosing cups are also poor substitutes for accurate gadgets like a properly calibrated dosing spoon, which is roofed with each Children’s AccuDial item.