To hear the corporate-run press tell it.

10 outlandish things the ‘scientific’ controllers are thinking about for you in the near future What corporate-driven science has at heart for future years of humanity is far not the same as the dreamy utopian scenery which has been portrayed by the mainstream media online drugs . To hear the corporate-run press tell it, technology is always good for humanity. Scientific achievements are at all times called advances and not setbacks, even though many of them have proven to be disastrous for humanity . While 100 percent pure science is, certainly, a necessary component of any civilization which seeks to increase its understanding of the universe, what we observe dominating the scenery today isn’t pure science but corporate-driven science that only seeks to accelerate corporate profits, not individual understanding.

Likewise, those that believe complying with a set of conditions – like those lay out below – guarantees a cancer-free presence should understand that this is certainly not the case. At the final end of the day, cancer can be arbitrary, and you never know if, or when, you will establish the condition and require any of several cancer treatments. However, there are a number of preventative measures which have been scientifically proven to decrease the risk of developing cancer. Complying with these will hopefully minimalize the need for cancer treatments, and at least provide you with a fighting chance.