Transvaginal ultrasound is a commonly used exam in lots of Obstetrics and Gynecology procedures Get more information.

Transvaginal ultrasound is a commonly used exam in lots of Obstetrics and Gynecology procedures, and as such, the capability to both perform and interpret ultrasounds is definitely an important part of the curriculum in clinical schooling programs. Unlike ultrasound examinations that are performed externally, practicing pelvic ultrasound poses more of a challenge to both educators and learners. When used in combination with Simbionix simulators, Bespoke Modeling gives medical professionals the energy to diagnose and communicate more effectively, simplify medical imaging and improve medical training and learning Get more information . Bespoke Modeling makes it simple to view patient-particular 3D data, bookmark views, add annotations, explore particular anatomical structures and then order color 3D cloud-printed versions or print on-site.

Steven Sferlazza, M.D., breasts imager at Lenox Hill Radiology, said, ‘3D mammography we can acquire multiple pictures of the breast at different angles. These pictures are after that used to make a group of thin slices which can be viewed as a 3D reconstruction of the breast. That improves our likelihood of finding breast tumor at a youthful stage. It also reduces the number of false-positive mammograms, which takes place when the mammogram detects a thing that looks like cancers but is benign .’.. 3D mammography available these days at Lenox Hill Radiology Lenox Hill Radiology, a owned subsidiary of RadNet wholly, Inc. , a national innovator in providing high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic imaging solutions through a network of owned and managed outpatient imaging centers, announces that 3D mammography, the most recent innovation in breast tumor screening, is now offered by its 79th Street location on the Upper West Aspect.