With awards ranging from $1.

AACN will award three $50,000 Impact Analysis Grants in 2012, the ultimate year of the original three-year program. Candidates may request up to $50,000 in total costs over a three-year period. Research should be finished in two to four years. AACN continues to offer annually the AACN-Sigma Theta Tau Critical Care Grant and AACN-Philips Medical Systems Outcomes Grant, up to $10,000 each; AACN-Edwards Lifesciences Nurse-Powered Clinical Practice Outcomes Grant, up to $10,000; and AACN Physio-Control Clinical Practice Grant, up to $1,500. All analysis grant applications open Sept.The authors argue that these nagging problems have to be addressed in any provision of providers for adolescents who self-harm.

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