Zygo enter definitive merger agreement AMETEK.

and Zygo Company announced they have entered right into a definitive merger contract under which AMETEK will acquire all of the excellent shares of common stock of Zygo at a purchase price of $19.25 per share in cash, which represents reduced of 31 percent to Zygo'on April 10 s closing share cost, 2014. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Middlefield, CT, Zygo is a respected supplier of optical metrology solutions, high precision optics, and optical assemblies for make use of in a wide range of scientific, commercial, and medical applications.However, many laboratories usually do not provide Western Blot due to limited assets and, as a result, refer the confirmatory test to a lab that possesses it. The proposed legislation would permit CMS to impose intermediate sanctions prior to revoking a laboratory’s CLIA certificate in cases where a proficiency examining sample was described another laboratory for confirmatory testing or because the laboratory does not provide a specific test. Because of this important statutory change, laboratories will no longer be unfairly punished when they follow the most common practice and refer a specimen to some other laboratory, said Alan Mertz, President of ACLA. The TEST Act will avoid the wasteful time and expense that occurs whenever a laboratory’s CLIA certificate can be revoked, and allow laboratories to keep providing vital providers to individuals, Mertz continued..